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Technipaq Trade Show Banner Design Process



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This is a good project to show off because it was a quick-turnaround job with a solid number of iterations and variations. I started with 9 quick mockups and my art director Steve and I whittled them down to two options to send to the client.

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1. 9 quick mockups with not much to go on but the "New Tyvek 40L" brochure. Technipaq is a manufacturer of sterile device packaging made using Tyvek, so this banner was to go at their booth, not Tyvek's.

2. Refining designs based on feedback from original 9.

3. Further refining previous designs, further simplifying text content and message, adding icons.

4. Simplifying message and removing extraneous graphics, trying new imagery to focus more on professionals.

5. Feedback: “Keep banners as simple as possible and make sure the ‘free sample’ text is front and center”.

6. Final edit: “Amplify Technipaq logo and bring back the red”.